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Why We Invest in the Startup Nation

Israel is probably the most fertile ground for startups in the world and you don’t have to take our word for it. Droves of investors and hundreds of successful multinationals – like Microsoft, Google, Intel, Samsung, Apple, Cisco, to name but a few – flock to the “startup nation” in search of investment opportunities, partners, and solutions to worldwide issues.

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Why Israel

Active startupsTech exits 2020
VC investments per
capita #1 globally
Startup exits in the last decade

The Numbers Speak for Themselves.

Over the past decade, Israel has been second only to the US in terms of its total exit value, and that’s from a country that is just barely bigger than the US State of New Jersey.

In 2020, Israeli companies made 128 funding deals with a total of $6.96B on the capital markets, compared to $1.95B in 2019. Deals included IPOs, follow-on offerings, PIPEs and registered direct deals (RDs), covering equity and debt (straight and convertible) through primary and secondary offerings. Mega Deals (over $100m) have become common in 2020, making up nearly one-third of the total amount.

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Why Israel

Active startups
15,4B $
Tech exits 2020
VC investments per
capita #1 globally
107B $
Startup exist is the last decade

The numbers speak for themselves.

Over the past decade, Israel has been second only to the US in terms of its total exit value, and that’s from a country that is just barely bigger than the US State of New Jersey. In 2019, Israeli exits were worth a staggering total of $21.7 Billion and high tech exports from Israel were worth $46 Billion – that’s in one year alone! Some – acquired by Intel for $15.3 billion. Soda Stream – acquired by PepsiCo for $3.2 billion. Wix – acquired by IPO for $7.1 billion. And this is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

There are more than 7,000 active startups in Israel. Supporting this outpouring of energy and talent, Israel has 360 venture capital funds and 356 startup accelerators and incubators at last count. Israeli startups are addressing pressing worldwide problems in fields as diverse as medical, engineering, agriculture, food tech and fintech, with new solutions cropping up every day. Eighty Israeli companies have been launched in 2020 alone to work on solutions to COVID-19-related issues. That’s the largest group of COVID-19-relevant companies from any one country in the world.

Whether the huge number of successful Israeli startups is due to an altruistic sense of wanting to help the world, the high number of hardened migrants who are accustomed to surviving and thriving wherever they are, or the compulsory military service that makes everyone a can-do person, we may never know for sure.

Israel is a Global Innovation and Deals Powerhouse

One thing is certain, you would be hard-pressed to find a more active, dynamic, or potential-filled investment hub anywhere else in the world. When you join the InvestiNation, you’ll get a piece of some of the hottest investment opportunities around and become an essential cog in the wheel of some of the future superstars of the startup nation. 

70 NASDAQ listed companies

20+ Unicorns (4th after US, China and the UK)

Global-facing and HQ with R&D in Israel and S&M in US/Europe

1,282 Exits in Israel this decade – combined value of over $1bn

536 Multi-National Corporates investing and innovating in Israel

75% of Hi-Tech investment is in late stage revenue growth companies

300 Investment Entities Operating in Israel – 30% Are International