InvestiNation is an investment club providing accredited investors
with access to promising vetted Israeli startups & venture funds.

Besadno Group

InvestiNation is an investment club by Besadno, an Israeli-American group that invests in innovative ventures, commercial companies, and real estate in Israel and around the world. With over ten years of experience and almost 2,000 investors from the Israeli market, Besadno launched InvestiNation for accredited U.S. investors. 

Leveraging our expertise and networks, Besadno helps our portfolio companies reach their potential. These include:

* A dedicated US-based go-to-market team.

* The upcoming “Leaders Program” to connect ventures with local professionals in U.S. communities.

 * Roth&Co – A leading accounting firm to guide you through the financial world.

 * Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co – a leading IP firm in Israel providing IP expertise and guidance.

* Rubenstein Public Relations- advises our communications and media strategy, offering proven techniques to grow our ventures’ businesses and build brand recognition among target audiences.

With thousands of partners and investors, alongside dozens of investments and an impressive number of exits, Besadno has established itself as a true success story guide.

Seasoned Experts

InvestiNation’s professional team includes strategic advisors and partners, seasoned entrepreneurs, former CEOs, and company directors. We have a knack for spotting potential.

Our veteran staff has a sixth sense for spotting potential in startups.


Active Investors

We don’t just throw money at projects. In addition to investing financially in our partner companies, we develop and implement their go-to-market strategies.

Using our U.S. go-to-market team, we join the companies we invest in as mentors, and smooth their path to success by leveraging our years of experience, company-building skills, and in-depth market knowledge.

Global Network​

We have extensive experience and a large network of active contacts in Israel and North America. As a result, we regularly identify promising early-stage startups. These operations enable us to offer investors rare opportunities to become involved early on with some of the most sought-after investments in innovative fields like  FinTech, Medtech, Proptech, Contech, Enterprise Software, AI, and many more.

InvestiNation's Edge

Our multi-faceted approach gives us an edge over other platforms. We use our global network and entrepreneurial sense to scout out impressive early-stage Israeli companies and steer them on an accelerated path for growth.

InvestiNation develops our portfolio companies to increase their chances for success. We try to engage with potential portfolio companies at relatively early stages, thus offering our investors opportunities to invest at lower valuations.